Monday, August 22, 2016

Ikea spoofs social media with a triumph

You know those meal instagrams all over? Food this and lunchtime that? Ikea found a great way to spoof that. "It's a meal. Not a competition. Le'ts relax!" the ad starts in the middle ages with a father commissioning a painting for his table, then the drawing - which takes forever to make - is shuttled by a carriage to be shown to commoners and nobility alike - with people giving it a thumbs up (or like in present day terms). What is so funny is that the children are not allowed to eat before the voting results are in.... Compare this to present day social media fuss embodied by a father shooting the roast he made under the bored and incredulous looks of his family, just as ridiculous! Except that "it's a meal. Not a competition. Let's relax!" As a side note, with the ad not highlighting any Ikea products use, I found it even smarter as it would have distracted from the super concept. "Liking isn't helping" said the Crisis Relief Singapore advertising, yes, and liking isn't feeding either! Very good, now let's eat. In peace.