Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The three sisters ARE digital influencers!

Work by B+ TV
It seems the three sisters (Nadine, Alice and Farah) have won the Murex D'Or digital influencers award, and this has ruffled too many feathers in the online community. Truth be told, I watched half an episode of that show before giving up - I already watch almost no TV so it was a sacrifice of my part to see that half-episode. But, outside the world of people who get paid by goods, cash and whatever other means in what is sadly called "blogs", there exists a vibrant world of "influencers".
Heck, a major bank offered me to be their brand ambassador which goes to say that anyone who is anyone online gets a shot at that title. But these girls, whether I want it or not, or whether other online glitterati want it or not, are indeed influencers. Their hair, make up, clothes, shoes, swimsuits get copied immediately, become fads and fashion/style barometers and that's via instagram posts!
If this is not "influencing" then I wonder what is.
So yes, they deserve the Murex award!
Silly me, when I think of the words three sisters, I go for Olga, Masha and Irina.