Thursday, May 26, 2016

Elections - the word play edition

The whole election thing took everyone by surprise, still, here are a couple of "word play" campaigns spotted (welcomne to notify me on more), "zouk dighri mich zig zag". Zouk - the name of the town - is phoneticaly close to souk - which means "drive" so the slogan ends up "drive straight not in turns". The second "sir ahla biktir" with "sir" meaning "becoming" but also short for "sir el donnieh" (the name of the village) so it ends up with "to become even more beautiful". The Jounieh thing I already covered, so you can check it here.
Last but not least, "Daroun Harissa" by a small change of the letter "a" in Arabic the meaning becomes "Daroun is aware" whereas "Harissa" is the shrine of Our Lady Of Lebanona and the surrounding streets. Fun Fact: I used the exact same word play previously for a different environmental campaign - here is the proof:

Yeah I know, everyone is trying to get attention and since most of these campaigns have been cooked in house one cannot blame them! Extra marks for the effort.