Friday, May 13, 2016

Beirut Beer - when a new ad is not a new ad.

Let me deconstruct the arguments upfront:
I have been in advertising long enough to know what a "campaign" is.
I have been there long enough to know about colors, moods, consistency, winking, linking, staying on the thematic course and what not.
But I also have been here long enough to recognize when a new ad is not a new ad.
Compare this to this.
Remember, I already told you I know what a "campaign" is, but there was too many similarities in mood, color, moujaddara (which was used for McDonald's "chou kill yawm moujaddara"), etc...
The video was sent to me by a friend, watching it absentmindedly I truly saw the first ad as opposed to a new one, and if it was not because of the publishing date it was all a deja vu for me (they were reloading the matrix I guess).
Is this a nice ad? Very.
Well done? Very.
A reprise of the old one? Quite so.
I am not going to go in the ethical issues surrounding this, but it would have been nice not to call the kid "Wissam" - why? is Tarek such a bad name (remember, ad names are chosen to fit both Moslem and Christian ones, and yes, even in an alcoholic beer ad!).
A nice ad, but to misquote Grace Jones "Strange, I've seen this ad before"....