Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lebanon is in an independent country with an Arab FACET only

Recently, Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper ran an April's Fool - the Lebanese flag with "Lebanese nation" on it, this was the culmination of several acts of a tug of war between Lebanon and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Interestingly, Stavro Jabra replied with a caricature of his own, showing the Same Lebanese flag dragged down by an iron ball with "Middle East" on it. True, we always paid the price as Lebanese of the Middle East conflicts. But now comes - this! "The house is yours" with a photo of the Saudi king and the #we_are_arab_arab_arab mind you when the Lebanese politicians met in Taef in a bid to stop the war they ageeed that "Lebanon was an Arab country" but stressed it was "a final country for its citizens", whereas the original national covenant said it was "an independent country with an Arab facet". I am still hoping the above is a joke, but doubt it. I am not one of those people who claim we are Phoenicians as opposed to Arabs, but some dignity from our servile politicians would be highly appreciated.