Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lebanon, Australia, wogs, and 60 minutes.

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I am not a lawyer, and so I have no "informed"/legal position when it comes to this latest issue between Lebanon  and Australia which stems from a children custody dispute between an Australian mother and Lebanese-American father. It now implicates journalists from the Channel 9 in Australia and the "60 minutes" program in addition to a children's abduction agency.
Have you heard of the Cornulla riots? Do you know what a wog is?
To Australians we are wogs. And this is understandable when one reads the full context of what was/is going on. Lately I myself was attacked for writing an article about a Syrian child throwing a banana skin on the ground (funnily, the Syrian refugee renting the house next door thinks I was right in my reaction!). Just like we try to embrace immigrants or "refugees" as a better term, but also want them to follow the laws of our land, it would be nice if we did that ourselves as Lebanese as we immigrated or went abroad as refugees.
Our reputation is not spotless, let us face it. If we are called "wogs" in Australia and God knows what else elsewhere, and it could be a reputation sadly earned. Due to the acts of a few? Perhaps.
One thing is for sure, the protagonists of the custody case are now caught is something much bigger than their small family. And Lebanon certainly did not need this new conundrum - once more I am not taking legal sides on the matter - because we are already starting from a disadvantage, and with journalists implicated, this does not bode well at well at all for us.