Saturday, April 16, 2016

KFC: The measure of a man is a sandwich!

First it was a house as per Trillium real estate, now apparently the measure of a man is a sandwich - according to KFC. Really, the "manliest" sandwich has hit town, "finish it up before it finishes" (i.e. before offer expires). I am still trying to digest this (pardon the pun). Let's see, so women are barred from ordering this sandwich? Or a real man is the one who manages to finish it? How much a real man weights before and after the sandwich? Is a diabetic like me at a risk of having his masculinity ridiculed because from the look of it there seems too much frying in this? How much calories should one real man intake in one serving? Is the salt/fat in this item compatible with any international guideline, and should a real man care? Existential questions only a real man could answer.
Oh and if one sexist ad is not enough, there is another one: Made by man, for his brother man.
Interestingly, from the comments on their KFC Arabia page, no one was offended by the sexism, but rather than the sandwich is actually small - a "kid's sandwich"... Or perhaps kids these days are growing up too fast to become men! What a dilemma!