Friday, April 22, 2016

Elections goes female with Rizk Group

In 2008 Leo Burnett came up with a groundbreaking campaign; one which has become a benchmark of comparison for women's involvement in the public domain. Unfortunately, it turned out that a great campaign - not matter how award winning - is not always translated with results on the ground. So here we are, eight years later, with a need for a new campaign to entice women. The creative rationale issued by Rizk Group says:
"Cities, towns, regions, villages and streets in Lebanon have unique names. They derive them from leaders, legends, historical personalities, family names, first names or even nicknames. Some of them are masculine and some others are feminine. And because we believe that an ideal society is the one that is able to balance both, we want to highlight not only their geographical presence but also on their efficiency in the society. We want to empower and encourage them to participate in the Municipality Elections and make a difference."
So there, pity we still need such campaigns. Good we have such a good one though!