Thursday, March 17, 2016

Exotica mother's day - Habibi Bibo!

Full sleeve tattoo? Check
Hipster beard? Check
Dali Moustaches? Check
Bouncer attitude? Check
Bibo? Check
Wait what?
Indeed, in the wrong hands this ad could have ended up a disaster. Am not saying the concept is strong enough, am saying if done wrongly it could have been too-cheesy or not-cheesy-enough, but there you have it - the right amount of everything has been injected. Pseudo-serious but not serious enough, funny without it being ha ha funny (trust me, not way for me to anger "Bibo"), kiddish but with a cuteness in it, oh - and the perfect talent chosen (somewhere between garage-owner-who-moonlights-as-bouncer, or art-director-who-goes-to-the-gym-after-hours).
All in all, frankly a perfect outing from Exotica for mother's day.