Friday, February 26, 2016

Privacy on the net is "TOP SECRET"

So a friend of mine is pregnant. I knew that when she sent me a photo of her echography - so after a wonderful chat, I log back to instagram and find that among the "suggested images" were children and stuff related to children galore. What happened to the graffiti I am usually offered, or the art pieces, or the mid-century modern furniture, I wondered? Well, since the pregnancy news came via whatsapp, which - like instagram - is owned by facebook, I am sure there is a central algorithm to tie all my words together on different platforms and offer me baby stuff after I wrote pregnant-baby-due date and all other words that made me culpable.
Now you may ask what does this have to do with the comedy masterpiece Top Secret? Well, in one of the hilarious scenes of the movie, Val Kilmer goes into a restaurant wearing a casual attire so the waiter immediately points out that he should be wearing a tuxedo, and lo and behold he offers him one of the spot and invites him to a booth in the middle of the entrance hall of the restaurant to change. The small perk? The booth is made of glass! So I guess chatting "privately" on whatsapp is akin to Val Kilmer changing his clothes in a glass booth (for privacy!).
The good news? Well, my friend is pregnant!