Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gandour rebranding the 555 biscuits!

I hope, pray, beg, that this is not true. Not real. That it is is hoax. Because it if is really happening, then someone, somewhere, lost their wits to make such an uninformed decision. So fine, Gandour changed its logo into something hotel-friendly in the shape of a bell-boy, they rebranded Unica, Dabke et je passe. But the 555 biscuits? Are you nuts? Mad? Why on earth tamper with an iconic design.
To hell with modernity and all that, some things you just do not change! Yes, yes, I can already hear it is an alignment with other products, etc, etc... But frankly, I see no sense in this. Simply because the old design for the 555 was beyond "kitsch" and has become iconic in its own right.
"Bokra bnet3awad" as the saying goes, sadly.