Thursday, January 14, 2016

#thisisegypt #هي_دي_مصر crisis? what crisis?

Sometimes, I really, really feel for the #thisisegypt people. Not the Egyptians but rather those behind this campaign. Which is supposed to be a crisis control after the many, many, incidents and accidents and political turmoils which have hit Egpypt from Sharam el Cheikh to the heart of Cairo. I do understand the rationale, the splitting of four major axis, the capitalization on this and that, the relying on social media because it attracts the youth who themselves act as influencers to their own peers. The planning is smart.
And then there's another explosion, another plane crash, another attack, another set of casualties, another ban from such and such department of state, and the list continues. The more the campaign pushes, the more people get aware of what is happening. Sure, Cairo is no more dangerous than Paris, or Istanbul or Beirut or any other place where there was an attack recently, but the image is everything and now image is very bleak these days for the #thisisegypt. As soon as they raise their heads something new pops up.
This was supposed to be a campaign to save Egypt from crisis mode situation it finds itself in, and ow the campaign itself is in crisis mode. I sometimes think what would I have done if  were in their shoes, thankfully I am not.