Tuesday, May 7, 2024

KFC Cheetos, am sure it was supposed to be funny

You know when there's an idea that sounds funny on paper until you actually get it done? Well, I think this was one of them. Theoretically it works, on the ground I seriously have my reservations. I mean it comes from an agency in the region, and I am sure there is a lot of technical aspects that were tricky to get done, but I still find the end result underwhelming - check for yourself here. Look, I know you're thinking I am being harsh but in the top5 ads gathered by AdForum this ad scored 2.4/10 as an average score which means other people found it very bland.

So who knows? Again, not every idea which works theoretically ends up being cute or funny or palatable (no pun) on the ground, and KFC Cheetos seems to be one of those. Am still wincing at the scene where the colonel and the Cheetos tiger are seen "wiggling" their behinds. Really, it's pseudo-traumatizing.