Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Le Charcutier plays its patriotic card

Photo by Natalia Nasser

Well, this might have several meanings. But let's recap. First this is taken right next to the entrance of City Mall in Hazmieh. So? Le Charcutier does not have a branch in that mall. But, competitor Le Carrefour does. So? Well, people have been calling for boycotts left and right ever since the whole Gaza issue exploded (sadly literally). So? Well, Le Charcutier is saying "From you and part of you (local expression), Lebanese from generations" (the actual words are "abban 3an jedd" - from father to grandfather - a term that TeleLiban used masterfully in the past - here). Now if you join all these dots, what do you get? Le Charcutier (at the time the name was Le Charcutier Aoun) which started as a small shop in Ashrafieh right across where the behemoth Spinney's is located, is actually sending a subliminal message to shoppers. If shoppers will connect to the emotionality and logic of it is a different matter. Since brand loyalty is out the window as of late (and this I pointed it out several times), and since shopping is more based on convenience (the closest supermarket etc....), I doubt people will click to it.
Anyhow let me tell you this story, when Spinney's implanted itself in Achrafieh - a supermarket literally 3 streets away (St. Louis) put on banners that said: "the sons and daughters of Achrafieh will shop local and will not go to the foreigner". Well, that supermarket which for a long time was actually part of the fabric of the several streets in which it was anchored, did close not long after the banners were put.
I am not accusing "the sons and daughters of Achrafieh" or the Lebanese at large of anything. But consumers are what they are.