Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Aramex delivers a punchy one this Ramadan

So Aramex has spoken. And spoken eloquently indeed. What seemed a "package" sent by an elderly man ends up having a very different story indeed. Whereas we do not know what is in the package, we can - from the get-go feel it is something emotional. The journey the package undertakes - one immediately assumes it is a special gift for a grandchild, or a personal memento - ends up quite different indeed. After taking us through the machinations of how the package is treated, we eventually realize it was being stocked up in an chamber with other such packages. The reason? it is destined for Gaza. But since delivery there is sort of impossible, Aramex is proposing a message of peace (log on to deliverpeace.global and register your own "salam" (peace) message). Incredibly well-played from Aramex if you ask me! See the full ad here.