Friday, March 8, 2024

Almaza - women's day

So today is Women's Day. Not always an achievement sadly. Almaza has gone right on the job (literally) to talk to male and female employees about the role and impact of women on the workplace. On the whole, the total correct notes were hit for both genders in terms of testimonials. You can see the film here. My favorite bit is when a female employee says "we compare ourselves to ourselves" (that would be Joelle el Zein - accountant). As I said, sadly we are still at a point where we need to prove that women contribute to the betterment of companies. I once asked a (young) taxi driver, "does your wife work?", his answer? "iza bt2oul bah bdammema" (which means "if she even thinks about it, I will hit her till blood runs out"). And that was 5 years ago. The good news is that 40% of leadership positions at Almaza are women.