Saturday, February 24, 2024

On that January advertising slump which stretched to February

When I spoke of the January advertising slump (here), Naji Boulos of Jicebe joked that hopefully it will not stretch till February or March. Here we are, almost end of February, and what do I see on the streets? An Istikbal 40% sale... For Christmas! Christmas! Not on one passing billboard but on - literally - a dozen. Other panels are simply empty, others still have remnants of Christmas offers that got torn down but never replaced with anything new.

I wish, really wish, I was not the messenger of doom and gloom. But seriously, how long can an ad remain before its colors get faded by the sun. Or before whatever occasion it is blasting is done and dusted. Yes, yes, I know there are a few ads here and there. But take out that massive (lovely) campaign by Omo and are we left with? Not much to be honest. Yes, there are a few billboards I shall comment on. But brands and marketing departments are counting their pennies, this is so obvious. And we are only in February - it's not like they spent everything and they are trying to scrap the bottom of the barrel. But perhaps the barrel is pseudo-empty.

Once more, I shall talk about the new ads in town. But make no mistake, when you have a 40% Christmas discount on the last week of February, this should make you think!