Thursday, November 30, 2023

Krispy Kreme invades Paris via Buzzman

Ah and what a treat this is! Buzzman aces the Krispy Kreme Paris opening... The best croissant in Paris? A munched donut. "We should have opened in Trouville" (trouville is hole-city), "Macaron Demission" takes the cake (har har) because it is a riff on "Macron demission" except targeting the popular delicacy, "Pain au chocolat ou chocolatine, end of the argument" - yes, because the French could never agree on what to call the chocolate bread... There was one which is not featured in the collage above "number of pastry chefs better than our donuts? (the answer is a donut - or zero)"... So yes, Buzzman went all out for Krispy Kreme and it did make a lot of sense.