Thursday, July 20, 2023

Where does Istikbal stand in the market?

All, right I am a little confused. 

Confused as in - where does Istikbal stand in the Lebanese market.

If you look at their advertising, it is quite elegant, the models professional, the product emphasized, the setting dreamy - which makes it more like a Roche Bobois, Bo Concept or such high-end furniture manufacturers. Yes, Istikbal has several branches, most located in more or less popular areas. 

But Istikbal went into the Lebanese market as being an affordable alternative to high-end brands. Their line was in Arabic "Bayti Ajmal" which translates into "my house is more beautiful" but could also imply "my house is more beautiful than yours" (because, yes, Lebanese are excellent at playing the keeping up with the Joneses).

All of this leaves me confused as to where Istikbal stands. Does it want to ditch its approachable image to the average consumer despite the placement of its shops? Does it want to change target audience? Or does it simply wish to give "aspiring consumers" the feeling that they too have made it? My main wonder comes from the Aihom line here. Interestingly, a glance at their facebook page would tell you whereas their prices are not "cheap" they also are not extremely sky high.