Saturday, July 15, 2023

Durex gets down and dirty with the dreamer artist

Well, I thought it was too heavy handed. A friend thought it was funny.

Whatever it is, it grabbed attention. Which I think is the point of any ad.

First see here.

Durex is inviting its users to hum and sing in their "fannan halman" (or dreamer artist) and send the users' partners songs "that have a second taste" (or basically that have innuendos!)... In the ad being used they quote Lebanon's diva Fairouz and the title of her song "ta3a w la tiji" (come, but just don't)...

Yes. I know. Knowing that usually Fairouz' daughter Rima Rahbani is always up in arms about her parents' (including father Assi Rahbani) legacy - I still have no clue what they reaction would be. Usually Ms. Rahbani has her mother's lawyer on speed dial.

The reason why I said it was heavy-handed however had nothing to do with Fairouz, I just thought the whole ad (and program) was a tad too much. But hey, as I said, it did attract attention, and from the posted comments - already some controversy.