Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Belbol - a creative missing link in the name of Lebanon

All right, color me perplexed. Very perplexed.

Introducing Belbol - "a decorative spinning top revolving around our Lebanese culture" - of which 10452 copies were done (Lebanon is technically 10452 kms2 hence the number). The item is supposed to be representing the "resilience nd strength of the Lebanese people". And is supposed to be akin to carrying "a piece of Lebanon" with the person in question. It is supposed to be draw "inspiration from the statue of the immigrant at the port of Beirut, representing the longing for the homeland". "Belbol connects every Lebanese who immigrated but never left, who came back yet never returned." You might want to know that "a portion of the sale of Belbol will be donated to different associations dedicated to the education of children in Lebanon". 

Just to be clear, I still don't get it. None of it. Here's a direct link if you care to understand more (here).

Oh and here's the statue of the immigrant in question here. I still don't see the link between the statue and the object in question by the way and I believe the name of the man in the statue is Antonios Sebaali.

But I do like the Belbol logo immensely if you wish to know.