Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Cola-Cola goes for a day at the museum

Remember Ben Stiller's "night at the museum"? Well, make it "day at the museum" for Coca-Cola.

Here. It animates works of art - anyone from Warhol (who included the bottle in his iconic series) to Van Gogh (who did not) passing by anyone and everyone including Vermeer and Turner and a hoard of others. The ad is certainly ambitious. It centers around a bored student in a sketching class (falling asleep no less) and then all hell breaks lose with the bottle being taken by another painting and getting thrown over from one artwork to the next.

Just getting the licenses of the artworks must have cost a fortune. Animating them that way another. The concept is "real magic". But let's be honest here, for all its technical prouesse.... to me it fails to deliver. The ad is too technical, magical yes - but not in the way it was intended to - because the emotional bit is lacking. It does not make me aspire or want to be part of that universe - and take it from someone who loves being in museums.

It is just too sterile to make me believe. But hey, what do I care? Coca-Cola exited the Lebanese market again (here).