Sunday, March 12, 2023

Almaza confuses doing ads on the cheap with cheap ads

Source: Mahmoud Ghazayel

All right, we all did it. Anyone who says they did not is a liar.

The "it" in question? Doing ads on the cheap. Oh come on, the client always has little or no budget, the whole thing is a shoestring operation, the budget was blown on booking, the budget was blown on a new bag for client's mistress or wife or both, the client is idiotic, the client is stingy and the list continues.

But doing ads on the cheap is not the same as doing a cheap ad dear Almaza. Many thanks for Mahmoud Ghazayel for pointing this out. Again, I understand that Almaza just won the Pikasso d'Or grand prix (for - and I am going to say it as is - one of the most underwhelming campaigns ever (see here)). But - here's an idea - why not do some proper photography with a phone camera which today has the highest of high resolutions bringing in for-free models (family members etc).

Once more, we all do that. I know an advertiser who brings his son to all his shoots (I tend to think putting the kid in the ads is some sort of a contractual obligation!), and as I said everything can be done on the cheap without being cheap.

Almaza missed the mark on this one. But perhaps the budget was blown elsewhere. The photoshop fail gave it away.