Sunday, February 26, 2023

Grendizer - the game, coming soon to a console near you

So it was only a matter of time before Grendizer became a game. And it is apparently coming soon to a console near you.

Here are some features of the game in question (source):

For the very first time, play as Grendizer and Umon Daisuke in this action/adventure game, which is all about the metal colossus. Execute and improve the famous must-have attacks of the giant robot

Find all the characters, iconic places, and enemies of the TV series.

A new gaming experience is offered to you in multiple game phases: Action/Brawler, 3rd person Shoot, Shoot Them Up and Exploration/

The iconic music of the series has been remastered, and you will able to enjoy it throughout the game.

From the same source here is a small recap of the story:
After Planet Fleed is destroyed by the Empire of Vega, Prince Daisuke (Daiski in Arabic) takes refuge on our planet. Taken in and adopted by Genzo Umon (Dr. Amoun in the pan-Arab version), he lives at the Shirakaba Farm. While Vega's invasion of Earth is imminent, Daisuke will defend the planet Earth with the help of Grendizer, the titanic robot hidden deep inside Genzo Umon's observatory. With the help of Koji Kabuto, the prince of Planet Fleed will constantly repel Vegans' attacks and fight his terrible robots, the Monstronefs (or minifour as they were called), which were sent to destroy him.

In case you enjoyed any or all of this, you can also check my own work which combines Hokusai and Grendizer (the common factor is that Hokusai had Mount Fuji in the back of his work while according to the original legend Grendizer fell to earth on that exact same mountain). The works were compiled in a book here. Also if you are interested in the linkage between Grendizer and the Lebanese war generation please go back to my intervention with Zaven Kouyoumjian when he was still back at the now defunkt Future Television here.