Friday, January 13, 2023

Arak Touma, back when being expensive was a badge of honor

Ah I picked up this ad for Arak Touma from the front page of Annahar newspaper dated December 29, 1974. "Scotland is famous for whisky, and France is known for wine, and we are proud of the king of Arak, Arak Touma, the most expensive, the highest in quality and the best". 

Apart from the fact that the ad is well-written what struct me was that way before Stella Artois marketed itself as "reassuringly expensive" - being the most expensive was a badge of honor in the ad. The brand put it as a proof of what-you-pay-is-what-you-get. Note that the brand is - thankfully - still active in the market and as far as I know still owned by the same family (contrary to another landmark Arak brand which was sold to someone else).