Friday, November 11, 2022

Wait, Singles Day is now a thing in Lebanon?

So after importing "black Friday", "cyber Monday" (both sans thanksgiving), "halloween", (thank you we had our own St. Barbara - look here!), "the first look" in marriages, "bachelor parties" (all while keeping the regular party for the bride and groom), and so on - now we have... "Singles day".

Basically Singles Day is the antidote for Valentine's Day. Meaning a day for single people to actually gift themselves something - as a stark reminder none is there to gift them anything (which is a depressing thought).

Of course, with recession looming in many markets (US, Europe), this tradition which started among a small group of Nanjing university students in China in 1993, could be a driver for people to actually shop things at a discount - presumably for them but then again no shop will ever say no if the shopping if done for someone else.

And so here we are many shops are offering now discounts for singles day. 

Which basically, reminds me that... I am single.