Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The little prince and/in me

His hair had the color of the wheat fields - Artwork by Tarek Chemaly (2001 - reworked 2022)

So it happened again last week.

For the umpteenth time someone said that I reminded him of the Little Prince. The first time it happened if I recall correctly was the year 2000.

Yes, that Little Prince. The Antoine de St. Exupery one. The one who came out of nowhere (actually from asteroid B 612) to annoy the hell out of the author who was stuck in the desert trying to fix his plane.

Now, what it is about me that reminds people of the titular character?

This is where things get murky.

I think, despite my age, my intelligence, all the lovely (and not so lovely) things that happened in my life, despite all the experiences, there is still - underneath - a lot of naivete in me. I admit it, I can truly be a bit... simple (yes, take it as you wish - either positively or negatively). For all my complexity, my deep thinking, there is truthfully someone simple inside. I can get enthralled by very "basic" things - I go back to the net looking for hours at, who knows? 70s shirts? The sweater from the Dior x ERL collab? A poem by Khalil Hawi?

Also, despite the many things I have gone through, there is no malice in me. Many people accused me of evil, or harboring very intricate machinations and having veiled interests - believe me this is not the case. Sure, I have a lot of pride (and am very stubborn) and words like "values" and "integrity" mean a lot in my lexicon, but truth be told, I honestly have no malice in me.

Also, I am not a good liar. Yes, I know what you are going to say: This is your first lie then. Seriously, I find it incredibly difficult to lie. You know harmless questions that people ask suddenly get convoluted answers. A normal "how are you?" gets "well, I was just out at the supermarket and...." there are no platitudes such as "fine thank you". Of course, not being able to entertain small chit chat upsets people and baffles them but ask me a question and you get a truthful answer. Now of course, my students used to get very very truthful answers. 

And another similarity with the Little Prince? When I ask a question I never forget I asked it. And if someone is trying to get away from answering it, they will be badgered - repeatedly - about the question. Whenever I do not understand I cannot let go of. That simple.

Well, but all of this is just... speculation. No idea really why people tell me I remind them of him.

This being said, the few who managed to "tame" me...These people can look at the color of the wheat fields and appreciate it differently.