Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Malone Souliers, Mentos - can you diversify a brand named after one product?

Mentos! Yes, that Mentos!

Named after its minty breath-refreshing ingredient. Then came... Mentos Strawberry. 

Today I read that upscale shoe brand Malone Souliers just offered bags for its first time. Souliers in case you do not know literally means "shoes" in French. 

Is it just me or some brands ought to have thought about their naming when a potential for a new product could actually negate their original raison d'etre?

Brand naming is one of my specialties, and yes, many clients still do not understand why they should shell the big bucks just to have a "name". Because, duh, your name defines you. It will make people cherish you and come to you and pick you. But when your name is very very related to one product you make, no matter how known you are for it, it becomes very difficult to go out from under its shadow.

Think of this other luxury shoes maker - Golden Goose. Thankfully, they can now offer clothing and other accessories without having an issue about their name. But Malone.... Souliers?

Malone Sacs in this instance.

Well, whereas I am against rebranding, maybe the time has come for Malone Souliers to become Malone.