Sunday, September 25, 2022

Almaza is always a summer state of mind

 Almaza is either celebrating "akher iyam el sayfiyi" by Fairouz, or literally disregarding the calendar altogether as they're always in summer mood. Sure we are technically in autumn and the weather is a little - just a little - on the chill side, but then again why not milk the summer till the last drop. Which Almaza is doing anyhow.

Hot on the heels of their mock instagram shot - where everyone seems to be chilling champagne/wine - so why not chill beer instead and forget about the (r)ose - and now there's a "foam party". So there, summer is not a matter of dates but rather of opinions. Interestingly, finding an element in the bottle or the beer and constantly tinkering with it is no mean feat, so credit for Force Majeure agency for doing it.