Saturday, July 23, 2022

Almaza, a typical Lebanese (celebrating) basketball

Ah - for a while basketball in Lebanon was huge, humongous. Then politics ruined it.

But hey here we are - a nation failing on all possible levels, with players having no electricity to train, some of them had left the country to better pastures, most of them had zero financing, a lot of them failed to come to training because there was no gasoline to be able to attend, and the list continues. So what does the national Lebanese basketball team do? Obviously, or rather not obviously, they went on to qualify to the final of the Asian Basketball Championship - by beating China (the clear expected winner) in the quarter finals, and Jordan in the semi-finals (two very close games where the Lebanese team eventually dominated).

So there you go, the players - specifically Wael Arakji - truly excelled it seems. Finally the Lebanese have a small glimmer of hope, joy, national pride, or what not. Everyone suddenly remembered basketball. Yes, the one that was ruined by politics.

Well, as with all events, Almaza rises to the occasion with "goosebumps" - as shows on a basket ball... 

If you wish to see the final match please head to this link here.