Monday, June 20, 2022

Of Linda, Medco, Havoline Oil and Byblos Institute

In the 80s, Byblos Institute inserted the only girl studying car mechanics in their TV ad. I later learned that enrollment swelled exponentially because boys were dying to meet the girl in question. Today, Medco seems to have revealed the story of Linda, its only female driver among its 120 strong truck drivers.
Much like her mother who taught her how to fix diesel trucks, Linda is there displaying its competence in the ad. Sure, there's a Havoline oil there somewhere if you look closely (OK, not a pun about Linda's chest where the logo is plastered), and well all of this is done subtly and smartly.
I do hope Linda, being a woman truck driver, will not overshadow the Havoline as everyone will end up talking about her not about Medco or Havoline. But then again, if the Byblos Indicator precedent is any indicator, I feel Medco will have many people knocking on its door asking for employment.
See the full ad here.