Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Lebanese Army goes into post-elections campaigns mode

So the Lebanese Army played cut-and-past collage from elections advertising campaigns. Interesting.
They picked words from several different campaigns, used them as collage to subvert their meaning. What was dividing messages became unifying. I can exactly pinpoint the campaign these coming from, take the example below:

The words "dawle awiye" comes from Sawa Li Loubnan, "fina" comes from the Lebanese Forces, and "hahmi" is from Hizbullah. Mix them together and you get "we can protect a strong state".
The other two ads read "we are the backbone of civil peace" and "we are the heart of the country" (this third one seems to be the cover of the Al Jaysh (the army) magazine because it says specifically - issue 431, 37th year, June 2022). 
Visually, the ads are quite pleasing - considering I have always been a sucker for collage this is totally my visual preference. What intrigues me is - the timing! Usually the army goes on an advertising blitz near August 1rst - which is Army Day. So considering we are very far off from this date, it is strange they are doing this advertising exercise at this point of the year specifically. 
But then again this could simply be an ongoing exercise with TBWA\Raad which apparently handled the assignment.