Monday, May 16, 2022

Elections 2022: in Lebanon, like Tag Heuer, success is a mind game

It's incredible, the results of the elections are starting to trickle in and everyone is jubilant and everyone says they won. I still cannot understand how everyone is thinking.

Free Patriotic Movement says they are winning, but so does the Lebanese Forces, supporters of the "revolution" say the wall is cracking and that they've done well, and political parties on all sides are happy with the outcome.

Which means nothing makes sense at this point. And probably later as well truth be told. 

Well, at least existential philosopher (also known as incredibly popular singer) Elissa summed it up with "democracy cannot cohabitate with arms" - in a very obvious critique to Hizbullah. Do note, what "democracy" is in Lebanon makes it a very vague concept. One that does not make much sense and has nothing to do with how many MPs there are. 

Some are saying, let's give the Lebanese Forces a chance (assuming they won a majority as they say), we did not try those before. I would be ready to support this theory, but then I'd have to obliterate from my memory the way they lead the "Easter/Christian" regions in Beirut during the war - which, if this is a template, might as well wake up and smell the reality.

Once more, with everyone claiming victory, I cannot but remember the classic Tag Heuer ads "success, it's a mind game" - and it seems success is on everyone's mind today.