Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Elections 2022: FPM youth - somewhere between sore winners and a good ad.

All right, now that all the results are out, and it turned out - against all logic, money sent by international allies, 13 million Dollars spent on advertising campaigns on multi-channels by the Lebanese Forces (LF) - that FPM (Free Patriotic Movement) got itself 22 MPs while LF ended up with 18 (please note I am counting "allied" MPs on both sides). Including a loss of one seat in their own fief - Becharre. 

Just to be clear, the loss which has been building up for years since the LF changed strategy as to how to deal with their constituents, has seen the rise of William Tawk for a long time (someone told me about this since 2019!). 

All this brings us to the FPM - youth devision elated in their party's win. But to be honest I am not sure if I classify this under sore winner or good ad. Why? Because it is an obvious jab at the LF - which centered its campaign around "badna w fina" (we can and we want). So what do the FPM youth do? "Nehna wfina" (we kept our promise)... You go realize that "wFINA" highlights precisely this double entendre.

Ah well, truth be told, their party was against a gargantuan task and they pulled through.