Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Elections 2022: Sarkhet watan in Kesserwan/Jbeil

Not sure if you know the rules, unless you are part of a list, you cannot go on being a candidate. Yes, bonkers I know, but the electoral law is so convoluted this is just a fraction of it.  Nehmat Frem, from the Sanita wealth, has gotten himself a list. Mind you, it has 3 women out of 8 candidates! Which is excellent. Now, the title of the list is a little melodramatic "sarkhet watan" (the scream of a nation) - but I guess melodramatic times call for melodramatic names.
Anyhow, they came up with a brilliant line which they capitalized on. You see one of the titles MPs in Lebanon are still called is "sa3adat so and so"... Sa3ada means happiness, so their tagline is "sawwet la sa3atdak mich la sa3atdo" - vote for your happiness not his.
Which if you ask me is brilliant though at this stage am not sure if this line is specific to Nehmat Frem or to the list at large. Do note that the list is a mish mash of different political parties and orientations although they all label themselves as "opposition". And they are marketing themselves as such. Below is the line in question.