Monday, February 21, 2022

Home Deco goes absurdist in loving where one lives

Well, how about a bit of absurd-surreal ambiance? Thanks to Home Deco we have it. Well, to those not in the know, Home Deco used to be BHV prior but then live everything else, a rename was in the works and there we have it. Actually their online store (oddly under Home And Deco - meaning there is an "and" there which came out of nowhere) leans towards Scandinavian minimal esthetics and offers a variety of products to be purchased online (7 days delivery in Lebanon - however this not a "cash on delivery" case, on the contrary, payment is done in one go and only when order is confirmed can the client expect the product. In addition there is a also a small mention of "GCC soon"). 

Still, BHV used to do brisk business in the past, but that was to a specific audience which I am not sure still exists (remember, what was Middle Class is no longer so lately in Lebanon - see here). Which brings us back to "love where you live" as the ads say. They do seem to target a fresh audience rather than a middle aged one. Everything from the cast, to the colors to the whole "attitude" seems to imply it.