Sunday, February 13, 2022

Burger King: The combo offer that is an inflation indicator

OK, it has been ages since I have been to any Burger King branch. Just to be clear, it is not their fault, it is me with my super minimal outing - though thrice vaccinated am still trying to limit where I go.
So, Burger King has an offer - a combo meal for 50,000 LBP.
Here's what their facebook page says about "The Prince Meal":
"Let’s tell you more about it, it’s exactly like its father the Big King XXL.
Flame Grilled, 100% Beef Patty, crispy lettuce, fresh onion, pickles, cheese slice and the famous Bing King sauce!
Available in chicken option as well."
Naturally, the interesting part is that now 50,000 is the new price for a combo. Now this is noteworthy because right before October 2019 when all hell broke lose and inflation starting increasing (before exploding completely) a combo (close to this one I presume!) was offered at 10,500 LBP (see here). So this means that between September 2019 and February 2022, the price of a combo has gone fivefold.
I think this in itself is a clear indicator where we are now in Lebanon.