Monday, November 8, 2021

Tawfeer goes with a right-this-moment ad

We have seen them too many times. Ads that refer to immediate events - events that in retrospect seem unimportant once they're gone and done. In this case the petroleum (or rather lack of petroleum) crisis that engulfed Lebanon a month (or was that 2 months?) back. Still, no matter, Tawfeer (which literally means saving) has an ad that goes "fawelha" (which is what people say to gas station attendants - "fill it up"). Of course, by now the double-entendre is too old and rather stale. I think in retrospect this tendency for advertising the here-and-now event has proved too tactical rather than strategic and in the long run has not served the brands well. But when can one do when creatives are not that creatives and clients are not educated?