Friday, September 24, 2021

Loto Libanais or is that Lo-to?

So the Loto Libanais has a new campaign... Not as lovely as "iza mich el tanayn el khamis" (if not Monday then Thursday), but efficient in the short term. The idea was to breakdown the name "lo-to" (Lo pronounced law in Arabic means "if", and "to" added at the end of the word means "it/him").

So the campaign goes "IF I was able to buy it, I would not have rented IT", "IF I was able to pay for the garage, I would have fixed IT", "IF my salary is enough I would have helped HIM", "IF I had the cash I would not have paid on installments for IT"... 

The ad follows the current trend of using animation in ads (as it brings down the production costs), but at least it makes it up with a clever lo-to gimmick. See the full ad here.