Monday, September 6, 2021

And finally, is online

Oh you know how it is these days, everyone speaking of circularity, of buying vintage, deadstock, second-hand and how all this better for the environment. Well, if you did not follow vntgsmthg on Insta yet, here's your chance for a better browsing, the website is finally online!! With their incredibly well-preserved deadstock merchandise from the 60s to the 90s (can you believe the 90s are already two decades back?), and fabulous retro items waiting for you to browse and pick (sorry I am biased, a small look at my closet will reveal that all my polos are bought from them!).

Well, now that ABBA is back, how about dressing like Bjorn or Frida and go full swing as it genuinely was back in the day? According to Rania Haber - the ever genial person who revived her late father's store - "I truly wanted to keep the same feel as the Instagram and the Facebook for the website. A lot of people see browsing online as some sort of dry experience, but using the same photographic feel of the social media, made the whole image of Vntg Smthg quite unified and in many ways, solidified".

Indeed, the website is welcoming and fresh. And no I will not guide you to favorite pieces, am adding them to my own collection! So, happy hunting down memory lane!