Friday, August 6, 2021

LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital August 4th video: Where less is more.

So as I said previously, anyone who is anyone wanted to commemorated August 4th... There were too many videos to count - most of them corny, repetitive, lowest-common-denominator creative and so on. I spoke about the super video of the Sagesse Achrafieh and stand by every syllable of my writing (here). My issue is that everyone wanted to get "emotional", "creative", "different" while falling into the same trap of the repetitive expressions, imagery and - heaven help us - "hope". Which is why the LAU Medical Center-RIzk Hospital video, like the Sagesse, stands out. It has that efficiency one links to hospitals. Worse the efficiency one links to hospitals Emergency Rooms when a disaster has struck. It says what it wants to stay swiftly, smartly, with an economy of words, with images of people who have no time to look at cameras and who most likely recorded the scenes on the go that fatidic night of the 4th when medical staff was just working, doing its best, hoping for the best but also expecting the worst. I really love how everything is orderly, emotional but not too much, and honestly it works! See the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital here.