Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Dubai: A romance to forget?

Dubai has a new touristic movie starring Jessica Alba and Zac Efron (directed by Craig Gillespie). The idea is about two people who have the same identical bags that get switched (a ploy worked and reworked previously, not the least of which in the ultra-popular Winston ad from the late 80s). Well, the film is really well produced, Gillespie works his best (though there are strong hints of Wes Ansderson) while the two actors go on their I-wish-I-wash-not-here-but-already-cashed-my-fee as they attempt to meet while following each other's itineraries (found in the respective bags). As I said, the film is lovely to look at - but honestly the scenario is too clownish, and everyone is trying their best to look jolly. But I think there is this element where (and this is something very present in the Lebanese promotional material from the 60s and - pre-war - 70s) the locals are just props within a frame, rather than proud inhabitants of their own country. See the full ad here.