Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Johnnie Walker Black Label and the perfect ad for its product.

Now, the price of. a Johnnie Walker Black Label may be out of the reach of the average human in Lebanon (check it here) but the ad has surely impressed me. It exudes everything Black Label is: elegance, a certain "flanerie", a minimal view of life where luxury is simple but very sophisticated (remind me of that Piaget ad "la meilleur facon de porter un Piaget c'est de n'en rien montrer"), and to go back to that gorgeous magazine Hermes issued with one of their previous collections (summer 2012): Le temps devant soi. A book where nothing happens.

Which is why this ad is a perfect capsule for the Black Label. This person is a far cry from the Red Label garden variety of consumers. His taste is more refined, he reached it by climbing the ladder ever so slowly. He earned it rather. Everything else in the ad shows it. The subtle art deco touches, the marble on the wall, small details that exude a way of life. Even with Lebanon experiencing a financial crash, this person either forecasted the crisis (sadly, am trying to imagine they did not smuggle their money after the crash began), or even in the deepest of dark moments knows that a glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label could save the day.