Monday, July 26, 2021

Casper & Gambini's - 25th year anniversary

Casper & Gambini's are celebrating their 25th anniversary! If I understood correctly they licensed their name all across the region, the brand still has a very respectable resonance. A google search tells me about their current whereabouts in Lebanon (I am not the typical audience for going out, mind you). On all accounts, the film is dipped in sepia colors, is incredibly well art-directed by Maya Metni, breathes homeliness, breezes with authenticity and is both a celebration of the staff (with many of them appearing in an earlier still campaign), and the customers alike (hello Sandra!) who are younger than the average Casper crowd. But in all honesty, if we are celebrating memories, the film works perfectly with the ambiance, colors, shades and otherwise general vibe hitting the correct notes.

So here we are - on to the next 25! See the full film here.