Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The line that lets Amstel saves itself in this Pride Month ad.

So it is pride month. No, not in Lebanon, but it is pride month - cue all brands trying to get on the bandwagon. Which brings us to Amstel. Amstel Brasil to be specific. Actually, you ought to watch the ad here. I admit, it is cliche and rather lackluster (full of the excpected drag queens and non-conformist individuals - which I am have no problem with, but one could spot that from a mile), the ideas have been done prior - "I am what I am" is the concept. Hence I am /a creator/arte/a star/Intense.... But the real saving grace? I am/stel. Honest, you needed to wait for the end for it to appear. But appear it did. And it saved the ad from its own ho-hum. And well, it was worth the wait! (Small hint since Amstel comes from Holland, could the line be influenced by the famous I Amsterdam line used to sell the city to visitors?)