Monday, May 17, 2021

Guinness and the much awaited welcome back.

So "good things come to those who wait". And wait is what people did! And now (in the UK at least) restrictions are easing when it comes to the pandemic, and Guinness beer offers its "welcome back" using visual analogy - because, honestly, by now everything looks like a pint of Guinness. And off they go - chimneys, newspaper stacks, doors, graffiti-infused walls, garbage cans, socks, and the list continues. Anything black with something white on top qualifies. And, well, yes, they are all taken from the imagery landscape of the UK in general. Does it work? Well it works so much that someone who is lukewarm about beer like me would want a pint right now. My goodness, my Guinness - has never been more apt as a saying! See the full film here.