Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Lacoste: Crocodiles play collective

Lacoste has a new campaign courtesy of BETC. In purposefully broken English (and I am not against it) the "crocodiles play collective" campaign where famous "influencers" and artists and their crews have (play!) together by dancing in the streets and by expressing themselves freely throughout different - funky - cities on earth. Well, obviously, Lacoste is there to target the younger generation who looks up to the talents in question (Rapper A$AP Nast, poet Sonny Hall, actresses Louise Bourgoin and Mélanie Thierry, dancer Salif Gueye, actor/model Evan Mock, entrepreneur Peggy Gou) and follow them on social media. Well, honestly I'd have preferred the slogan of the campaign be "crocodiles play in packs". The campaign obviously targets a specific audience, those interested in these "ambassadors".