Sunday, April 4, 2021

Fine - promises of lovely days!

Is it dangerous to promise people the unthinkable? Not according to fine. Whose ad rests upon "lovely days will be back again". And yes, people hug in the ad and that. Nothing about retrieving their stuck money in banks, and what not. But well, Fine does believe good things are to come. We are in lockdown in Lebanon - again - nothing seems to be working at this stage though (no government, devaluation still stands very high and I dare not go on). But Fine truly wanted to strike an upbeat tone in a glum environment. Some people choose the sunny side up, good for them. Meanwhile others stay grounded to be able to pay for medicines and the bills and what not (OK, no points for guessing which team I am on!). But well, if Fine believes it - and interestingly the ad is about their brand of incontinence briefs for adults. So voila!