Friday, March 19, 2021

The day Bkerke got mad at LBC

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly from the series "History of Lebanon"

Ah those were the days!
When LBC could nick any program or film and educate us with it.
Well, education could take many forms this being said.
In 1985, LBC aired a very risque ad for Le Chat savon. A woman, naked in her bathtub, with her breasts showing, is talking to her Le Chat soap. Unbeknown to her, her boyfriend is outside bringing her a bouquet of flowers. Throughout, he thinks she is talking about him. And when she admits that she "invites him to her bathtub" (the soap!) he jumps right in in his clothing.
Above is one frame of the ad, as part of "History of Lebanon" series. For obvious reasons the breasts are covered (artistically at least!)....
Now, what did not help was that - concurrently - LBC was showing the clip of the Hong Kong Syndikat "Concrete and Clay". The problem, right smack in the middle, two nuns walk in, and enthralled by the music start doing stripper poses only to reveal very sexy pantyhose attached with a pantyhose holder.
Do not believe me? Look below for one such still from the clip.

Now, all of this pushed Bkerke, the headquarters of the Maronite patriarchy, to issue a stern statement about what televisions are letting viewers see. For the Maronite patriarchy to rebuke the then-owned by the right-wing militia Lebanese Forces TV channel, was both - unprecedented and publicly humiliating, because LBC had to air the statement in their nightly news.
For all of you with a strong heart, do watch the ad here....