Monday, March 8, 2021

Paco Rabanne pour homme - a mystery ad that lingers since 1987.

A very close friend of mine loves "the day before you came" by ABBA. He says it is such a mysterious song because one does not know what happens on "the day you came" (check the brilliant lyrics here)! If this is the case, then Paco Rabanne pour homme 1987 ad works in reverse. It is "the day you came" and it lets us assume the day "before".

I am not talking philosophy, simply a lovely piece of advertising that starts with a man descending a colimacon stair, then a curtain unveils and we see a view from a window where someone is checking him departing into a courtyard. The man turns, blows a kiss in the air. He is in full tuxedo, the bowtie still there (assumption: he did not get undressed, ergo, they were not intimate), and from there he goes in a happy-go-lucky walk in Paris, all chirpy, all sincere, kicking autumn leaves that had fallen, dancing with a chair of a cafe about to open, walking on the pont Louis-Philippe, and basically - not believing his luck with an unforced smile on his face (it is the assumption because he has found love, in a story just beginning). 

What is wonderful in the ad, is that it lets you reconstruct the scenario you want about the day before. He is in tuxedo, and it is dawn - were they at the opera the night prior? Were they at a black-tie event? Were they engrossed in conversation so long that he forgot to untie his bowtie? Is it love?

As I said, the beauty of the ad is that it lets assume what you wish to assume about the earlier events, and this is what makes it so memorable. The day after you came indeed.

See the brilliant ad here.